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Tealbee DREAMSUIT: Toddler and Early Walker Baby Wearable Blanket
$30.00 | FREE shipping
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Brand new with the tags! Currently $38.99 on Amazon! #weather Is your baby starting to stand up in the crib or walking already? Are you worried that your baby might trip on their sleeping bag? Is your toddler a kicker that can't keep a blanket on at night? Are you worried that your active toddler will be cold without cover? With Tealbee Dreamsuit, you can stop worrying... Stop worrying about your baby waking up cold. We've been there! We'll do ANYTHING to not wake up a sleeping baby! Stop worrying about your baby tripping over and falling in the crib. We cringe everytime we hear the headbang in the crib! Make your life more peaceful and easy. Love your baby even more as you watch them sound asleep - Warm and Safe.
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