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One Size
all genders
Spotted Giraffe Lil' Sshlumpie Teether Blankie
$11.00 | FREE shipping
One Size
All genders
Excellent used condition
The Spotted Giraffe Lil' Sshlumpie Teether Blankie is sure to be a baby's best friend! It combines a soft, plush blankie with a silicone teether to comfort and entertain baby with its adorable animal motif. **Are you seeing this listing in the Facebook Market Place and want to see more of my listings? Search Kidizen by K&M’s Little Fun Shop in the search bar on Facebook’s Market Place. Want a deal on multiple items? Join Kidizen using my referral link - - and cart the items that you want for an offer. Feel free to message me in Kidizen when you join for the offer. Kidizen is a marketplace to buy and sell kids’ and women’s fashion.**
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