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Owlet Baby Care

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Owlet Baby Care
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This is a product I hold near and dear to my heart... I would not have a baby without it from this point on. In December 2014, we lost our son to sids. (I wish on every ounce of my being that we had this) We had a miracle baby in 2016 and got this owlet ❣️ this product got us through the first year. Without it I would have not had one blink of sleep. It works...it’s piece of mind. It has been used about a year...daily/ nightly and everything in between😉. It still works great! You download the app. Super self explanatory. I loved it. Please look at all the pics. There are 5 socks included, gender neutral. All pieces and parts are included😊❣️ questions please ask😁good condition for wear on a few socks😊❣️
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