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6-12 mo
Fab Kids
Bundle Of 4 Fabkids Leggings
$18.00 | FREE shipping
6-12 mo
Fab Kids
Play condition
#Bundle of 4 pairs of #leggings by #fabkids. These leggings have the most unique and adorable #prints ever! They're fairly #slim fitting and run way smaller than their tagged size of 2 years. Closer to about a 6-12 month size I'd say. I've tagged them as such. Please note they're marked play condition mostly for normal wash-wear fade. Except the pink leggings which have substantial wear around the knees and bum. No holes or tears or any other structural damage though but visible dinginess. If you'd prefer not to have the pink leggings let me know and I can remove them. However, they're not a bad choice for those days of messy play in the mud or water ๐Ÿ™ƒ
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