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Bumps That Never End Bump Group
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One Size
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Same idea as FOLLOW THE LEADER (great idea btw!) PLEASE READ & FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS super simple until it gets all messy with extra comments! 💥if you have questions please message me BEFORE participating💥 🎶 you don't mind sharing this with your followers I would greatly appreciate it :) spread the bumping/sharing love ✔️Comment "In bumping ___(shop above you) ___" ✔️Share 15 of their BOTTOM items IMMEDIATELY following your comment ✔️SHARE a sale, giveaway, or special promo if they have one ✔️COME BACK & comment "Done bumping ________" ✔️that's it. Play fair & complete your shares. Sign in as often as you like 😁 HAPPY SELLING!
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