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Blanqi Postpartum compression Leggings
$45.00 | FREE shipping
New without tag
Brand New, never even tried on. I bought 2 sizes while pregnant and only wore one post partum! These are in original condition. No tags because Blanqi does not use tags on their products. These are some of the most comfortable and supportive leggings I have ever worn and I highly recommend them! About the leggings... BLANQI HIGHWAIST POSTPARTUM + NURSING SUPPORT LEGGINGS Gentle mid-section compression engages your core and secures your post-baby belly, keeping you motivated and energized. High waist, seamless design, cinches the waist, smooths the hips, back and thighs for a sleek silhouette. Buttery soft, breathable, moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool. Designed for bodies that motherhood made, these leggings will be your after-baby savior. High waist design rises to just below your bra line to smooth, secure and conceal a postpartum belly, perfect for discreet nursing. Gentle compression helps you re-engage your core but without the constriction of conventional shapewear. With perfectly balanced, luxe-athletic breathable fabric, they are the leggings you will love to live in.
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