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Be Sweet Parakeet Bookstore!
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One Size
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Very good used condition
#ParakeetBooks We have a growing collection of books in a new section of our closet! Most are toddler or early elementary favorites. Some are books on our interests or unique stories that caught my eye. Sometimes we only read them once! 📕📘Click the link and shop all books in our own LIBRARY!📙📒 Most are in GC, many are in VGUC. With normal bookshelf wear. They were all stored in book shelves, baskets, seat pockets or backpacks. We never leave home without a selection of books! Some are our prized possessions and some get in the way of that! 😂. Any writing will be limited to the covers, generally a name in the book. We have a lot of books! 📕Feel free to note your ISO authors or titles in the comments. I will tag you if I have/post them. Most of our books are more classics. But as we get older, I’m sure our list of favorite authors will grow! 🦠Cart what you like, NEW LISTINGS ever week! 🦠Books are priced for single sales 🦠DISCOUNTS are huge with multiple books since they will ship media mail. #books
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