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The Eclectics Closets🌻☯️

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hey y'all I'm Kris! 🚭 free🐩🐩hypoallergenic dog friendly! fave/add to cart #tecnotifications for different share groups and fun. when the price drops something new is posted and sign up has started! I was in accident and am unable to work and am a single income household. I fractured my spine and broke my wrist. the more time goes on the more often I lose use of my thumb & index finger. I need surgery with no insurance so every sale helps! if you love the item but the price seems unfair we can work out a more suitable price. just shoot me a message!!😘 most items are mine but some I am selling from nieces and nephews closets. If you would like more pictures, measurements etc. just ask I'll be happy to help in any way! cart item(s) for offer. there are some items I will not go lower on. if it has a 📦 by it, it is bundle only! if you only want that item shoot me a message we will work it out. free shipping on all ♥️ thank you for checking out my closet and I hope you come back! I'd love to make bundle deals just shoot me a message about anything! message for custom Van's and converse as well. IG @eclectic_designs_by_k thanks and God Bless! (everything is cross posted so if it suddenly disappears that is why. get it while it's here :)) ☮️♥️🙏


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