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hey y'all I'm Kris! 🙃😊 smoke free/hypoallergenic pet friendly. I was recently in a very terrible accident and am unable to work and am a single income household. I fractured my spine and broke my wrist. the more time goes on the more often I lose use of my thumb & index finger. I need surgery with no insurance so every sale helps! if you love the item but the price seems unfair we can work out a more suitable price. most items are mine but some I am selling from nieces and nephews closets. please bare with me with the pictures I also JUST moved and am just taking pictures as I can and will take better ones as soon as I get a chance. If you would like more pictures, measurements etc. just ask I'll be happy to help in any way! if it has a 📦 by it, it is bundle only! if you only want that item shoot me a message we will work it out. free shipping on all except heavy shoes♥️ thank you for checking out my closet and I hope you come back! I'd love to make bundle deals just shoot me a message about anything! message for custom Van's and converse as well. thanks and God Bless! ☮️♥️🙏

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