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Little girls clothes as we grow out of them—vintage, handmade and modern. Currently in size 4T. Occasional boys clothes from my 6 & 7 year old too! Maybe some baby clothes now as we grow out of those too! ❤️Some important reminders❤️ 💌Our home and family are 🚭smoke free🚭 💌We do have a husky 🐕. I do my best to make sure items are as clean and nice as possible when shipping, but occasionally a tiny piece of fur will sneak in there. 💌I do my best to ship the next day, but occasionally it may be two before it hits the mailbox in a busy season! 📬 💌 I try to keep my prices reasonable and low. And I frequently offer sales! But my prices also have to include shipping and Kidizen fees, so please try to keep that in mind when making an offer. 💕 💌 If you’d like to find items specifically in your children’s sizes or your favorite brands, make sure and use the filter option! It helps to narrow items down quickly. 💌 That’s all! Thank you for shopping and sharing!


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