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Hello Love♥️ Thanks for checking out our closet! We are ready for an update! •We are two sisters and we have decided to combine our closets!! We are two stay at home mamas and between the two of us we have SIX kids with ages 8 to 2 years old! We will be posting clothing sizes from newborn to 8 years. •our styles are similar but yet uniquely different. •Hi! I’m Tasha!(raisingramsey’s) My husband Kevin and I l live in the midwest with our 4 little babes! Three boys ages 8, 6, and 4 And one little diva age 4 ♥️With our youngest two being boy/girl twins! •Hi Im Kara..was formally (ansleyroseandbeau) my husband and I also live in the midwest and we have an adorable and sassy little girl age 5 and a adorabld and crazy boy age 2! • we are posting things we love but no longer wear and hoping for someone else to enjoy! •Please feel free to send a message with any questions. We gladly entertain reasonable offers.


Size: 10 Toddler | Toms
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