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Peace Out Babe

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I have many many “Grand” kids 👬👬👬as well as support a bunch of other children—and they all are blessed to wear Plae, Hanna, Boden, Tea, & other fine brands!! We love these clothes and take care of them. 👗👕👖The clothing is as best as can be for recycled clothing. Most all is in VGUC as they’ve just been laundered properly and cared for. But also worn by real kids too! Always line-dried (DIL doesn’t even have a dryer anymore!). Watched closely for any stains and properly treated. Many itmes are still new that just didn’t get to the right child at the right time (or maybe someone overbought!). End result is most are still in VGUC by the time they are sent to me! 🚭No smoking in any of our homes nor animals (allergies). 💫✨🌟 Let’s enjoy this! Let’s save our environment—and let’s save our pocketbooks! Pay it Forward and remember-/Peace Out Babe! ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼


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