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Hello my name is nellieana i sell baby vintage clothing and unique style kids clothing handmade and more 🧵 Hello everyone I just wanted to tell everyone that I can’t go any more lower in some of my items. This is what I actually do for a living it’s not a hobby this how I pay for my meds 🍭 I was not blessed to be healthy 🙏 I have two types of epilepsy . And this helps i and my family with hospital bills and my meds i and my husband had a baby who is no longer with us so i do this with a-lot of love and in her memory i have a big love for vintage everything in my home is vintage lol including me because i am older 😂 but yes i try my best to be fair with everyone everything i sell is very clean as far as i can see 🧵🍼🧸 i just started 3 days ago working hard sharing everything i just love baby Vintage and baby nursery items i hand wash and everything gets clean i don’t see to well but i hope i am not missing anything i am not great at spelling but i will try my best to communicate with everyone if some how your unhappy with the items we will work something out . I am trying my best to learn everything about this site . So if the item is 10$ free shipping i cant go lower because i will not make much we have a few and also the shipping boxes and shipping bags they are $$ so pls give me a chance thank you

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