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Hi there, I'm Maegan - SAHM to my miracle baby, Reese {4} and we live in sweet ol’ South Louisiana, right outside of Baton Rouge. We LOVE to buy & sell on Kidizen and have been for just over for 4 years! Some of our favorite brands are: Cat & Jack, Mini Boden, Matilda Jane, Gap, H&M and Old Navy but we certainly wear a little bit of everything! I’m slowly getting back to listing items after just buying for awhile. Stay tuned, Mamas! There’s TONS to come! ❤️ My sisters & I all LOVE second-hand for our littles (as well as ourselves) so I like to snag cute things for them as well when I can find a great deal! I try & price everything reasonably considering Kidizen fees & shipping costs, but PLEASE make an offer anytime! For an added deal, cart 2 or more items & if I catch it before you purchase, I almost always offer a discount! P.S. Everything is cross-posted so if you see something you love, you might want to snatch it up quick! 😉 And, after about a month if something isn’t selling, we donate to consignment.

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Velcro Nikes
Size: 10 Toddler | Nike
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