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HI! I am Lacie, a mother of 4 (two boys ages 10 & 4 & two girls ages 8 & 6). We do our best to take great care of our clothes so that when we are through we can pass them on & recoup some of our money to keep these ever-growing little people clothed. Ours is a smoke-free, dog-friendly home. We use Seventh Generation laundry detergent & zero fragrances, fabric softener or dryer sheets. I‘ve created many bundles and put items together to create outfits - especially in the smaller sizes. Many are also listed individually as well and I am almost always willing to sell items individually or separate pieces of a bundle. Please pm me if you are interested in only part of a listing and I don’t have the pieces listed individually. Please note that all prices include shipping costs. I often reuse shipping supplies to do my part to save the planet. They aren’t always pretty, but they are always packaged securely & with care. I only ship through Kidizen for seller and buyer protection. I appreciate repeat customers and often offer repeat customer discounts! I also have a mama shop on Kidizen - Ice Cream and Pickles - visit me there for mama items. If you want to bundle mama and kiddo items, add the items to your cart and then send me a PM. I will create a custom bundle for you, saving you money on shipping costs! Happy Shopping!


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