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Kentucky Farm Kids | Style Scout

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✨ I’m a Style Scout for the greater Lexington, Kentucky area!! I can’t wait to offer y’all the very best service to help sell your kiddo’s outgrown clothing! ✨ Everything is smoke free, but I can’t guarantee it hasn’t been around a furry friend or two at a client’s house. Our home, where the clothes are stored, is pet free! Everything is washed here before it is listed. Drier friendly, unless otherwise noted on individual listings. I'm happy to do discounted bundles and frequently send offers on carted items! See something bundled in a listing that you’d like to purchase on it’s own? Just shoot me a message and I’ll split it up for you! I ship Monday - Saturday, so you can be sure your purchase will always go out the same day if it's before the mail truck gets here, or next day if you purchase later in the day! Shipping is always included in my prices. 🤗 🌻 Thanks for visiting and shopping! 🌻


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