Juniper Berries

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Hello! I’m Jen, part-time working mama, selling the outgrown clothes of my princess 👑Juniper (5) and my rough and tumble🌪 Lucas (3). From time to time you may see some of my clothes posted too! 👚👡 I ❤️to bundle & will usually offer discounts on multiple carted items💰Have a question, want to make me an offer?- send me a message so you don’t get lost in the comments! 💬 We’re smoke-free 🚭 & dog-friendly🐶 and wash with Free & Clear detergent. **FREE SHIPPING** I try to ship 📦📬within a day of receiving an order, but if I hit a snag I will most certainly communicate my time frame 📆 🐞❤️Thanks for stopping by and for helping us clean out our closets! 🐞❤️

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