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Juniper Berries

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Hello! I’m Jen, part-time working mama, selling the outgrown clothes of my princess 👑Juniper (6) and my rough and tumble🌪 Lucas (4). From time to time you may see some of my clothes posted too! 👚👡 I ❤️to bundle & will usually offer discounts on multiple carted items💰Have a question, want to make me an offer?- send me a message so you don’t get lost in the comments! 💬 We’re smoke-free 🚭 & dog-friendly🐶 and wash with Free & Clear detergent. **FREE SHIPPING** I try to ship 📦📬within a day or two of receiving an order, but if I hit a snag I will most certainly communicate my time frame 📆 **BUNDLE ONLY ITEMS are listed as such because their price is too low to sometimes even cover shipping! If you don’t see anything else you want to bundle, let me know! I’m happy to just add shipping to the item for you to purchase it separately! 👍🏻 🐞❤️Thanks for stopping by and for helping us clean out our closets! 🐞❤️


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