Fancy Little Factory

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Hi. My name is Janet. A mid-west Mom to two older girls. Laine-21 and Tess-15. I have been creating cute things for many, many, many years🙂. I thought it was time to test the market and offer my meaningful pieces to those who appreciate the true uniqueness in a handmade item. Just think nobody in the whole world will have exactly the same thing! Along with my handcrafted items you will find pieces from my part-time hobby (estate/tag sale shopping)🙂. So again, after many years of buying I thought it was time to downsize my “pretty purchased pile” and make a little profit. I do have up-to-date items for those who like the more trend-setting look. Please make sure you come back often as I will always be creating, buying, estating (is that a word) and listing. Warm regards, Janet

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