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Over the past few years I’ve been steadily finding buying editng inheriting tailoring playing and basically amassing whats turned into about two hundred pieces for boys and girls, NB to infinity. I’m a former fashion person and the lucky mother of a delicious precocious 4 yr daughter (Indie) i thought i’d put a sample of my collection here and see what happens. Think of me as your secret sauce for great finds. If you’re looking for something specific or have had interest in something you havent tracked down yet, feel free to reach out. I have so much that i haven’t posted its worth a shot! Ask me anything about our listed items too... i’m open to fun bundles, discounts, select bartering and so on. New here and just learning the ropes. A quick FAQ: i try to ship same day/next day whenever possible. Sales are final. There’s too much thats gone and that goes into this to deal with that. I wouldn’t sell something i didn’t appreciate, didn’t love, wouldn’t gift or buy myself. I generally have a shopping cart filled and at the ready from fellow kidizen sellers, so dollars spent here go right back into this wonderful Kidizen universe. Thx so much 😊


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