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My father passed away to heaven last month and I’m a bit distracted just tying to do a little each day... Thanks for your patience! ♥️ Shipping Only - 1x a week ($Less$ for local PICKUP SAN ANTONIO,TEXAS) (Maybe other days as I have time) 🎉🎉🎉Add to a cart or send an offer🎉🎉🎉 💰💵💰💵 FACEBOOK USERS: Use my referral link to get $5 off your first purchase - kmi9b Lots of boutique brands! Girls 12month - Mom sizes Boys 12 month - sz 10 or so... 👟👠👡Shoes 👢👞⛸ are gently worn as a rule(or new) 📦I prefer to ship 📬bundles! Shipping is a bear these days and time⏳ is 💰💵💰! Just ask! Shop discount is a great way for you to save! Make your cart and if I can I’ll send an offer 😀-Some items might have wiggle - some may not. Most items are xp so you may see one disappear from your cart 🛒 from time to time if not purchased immediately. My 👁eyes👁 are getting older so ill try to price accordingly- but if i see anything worth noting i promise I will note and photo 📸 it! I’m a military 🇺🇸mom of 6 - with one angel👼 in heaven. We currently are voluntold to Texas! Gig ‘em Aggies! 👍 Years of moving & my love of cute childrens clothes has produced bins and bins overflowing with goodies to pass on now! I’m also a Rodan & Fields Skincare Consultant to help support my love of cute clothes and shoes! 👁👄 We are a Non- smoking home. We have one dog, 2 guinnea pigs (that need a new home so our son can purchase a bird!), one green tree frog, lots of caterpillar cocoons awaiting emergence, & various other critters as they happen to find their way to our childrens hearts and our terrariums.... #momwithasciencedegreelife Most clothes are bought new some gently used . 🌑Dots in Clothing🌑 (May or May not be present on tags) I put 1 dot for child 1 👱🏻‍♂️ 2 dots for child 2 👩🏼 3 dots for child 3 👦🏼 4 dots for child 4 👦🏼 5 dots for child 5 👸🏼 (unless it’s clearly a girl item and then it might not get dots bc she is the youngest girl) This helps me with laundry! Some clothes are passed down - some are not....


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