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Havisham & Daughters

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I am a vintage-loving, bargain hunting Mom. I love doing my shopping on Kidizen because my purchases go towards helping other Moms! NOTE: I try to ship ASAP, but I work full time so sometimes I have to wait till Saturdays to ship. Finally, please take a moment to read the condition section prior to making your purchase. Unless it’s listed as new, all of these clothes have been previously loved and worn. I take photos of any major flaws, but if it’s listed as Play or GUC there might not be a picture of every single tiny mark, and condition is always reflected with the listed price. A 6.99 item gives a profit of about $2 after shipping and Kidizen fees, so please be thoughtful as you make your purchase. I’m just a Mom, like you, trying to keep cute clothes out of landfills and make a little extra money to put towards college funds for my girls 😊. Happy shopping and thank you to all the Mommas who have supported my shop through the years and helped me get to the 600+ sales mark! I ❤️ Kidizen


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