Grey Bear And The Lion

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***Update: We are currently living in a hotel, but I do have access to most of our clothes. I might have to turn my shop on vacay mode for a while though 😩 If you really like/want something, please cart it and I’ll send you an offer! ***Our downstairs flooded Tuesday morning (4/30), including two bedrooms that have all my boys’ clothes. I’m still selling items right now, as my bins are somewhat easy to get to, thanks to the wonderful water restoration guys 🤗 I try to ship same day/next day, but it might take me a day or two extra though. I will be in communication with any buyers! Welcome to Grey Bear and the Lion, named after my two older boys, Greyson and Leo. My name is Ashley and I’m the mama to three sweet little boys (4, 2, 7 months). Most of our items are boy or gender neutral items, and I’m slowly adding my own clothes. I love to consider reasonable offers, so please message me. I will also try to send you an offer if I see you’ve carted! Keep in mind, many of our items are crossposted, so items may come and go quick! We have one cat, Melo, but we attempt to keep him out of the bedrooms! We are a smoke free home. Follow us on IG @alittlebitofash 💙🧑🏼👦🏻👶🏼

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