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Mom of 2 beautiful girls 👱‍♀️👧 (11 & 2). As you all know, they grow up fast; some things never even got a chance to be worn 💜 and because of the age difference, I cant pass them on from the oldest to the youngest either 😆 ***All proceeds from the sale of my 11 year old’s Items go to her Girl Scouts troop🙋‍♀️**** She’s consitently coming up with things from her room asking me to list them, sometimes even her own birthday gifts she receives, so she can raise as much money as she can for her troop. Love her spirit🌺💜*** Most of my shop’s items are cross listed, so if you liked or carted something, it may disappear 😊. If you love an item, please feel free to message me with any questions or to make me an offer; please keep in mind that sellers pay 12% + .50 + shipping cost, so a substantial part of the sale goes towards those fees. Thank you for following.


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