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Good Morning SUNSHINE!

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Hello! Welcome to our shop! Our shop is filled with clothes from family, friends and bargain shopping! I’m a mom of three boys and one granddaughter. I found Kidizen shopping for her. 🥰 Coming July 2020! I’m going to be a Grandma again! 🤞🏼 for another announcement soon! 😍 👶🏼IT’S A GIRL!👶🏼 Your purchase is always double bagged, securely packaged and neatly wrapped. (I received a shoe order with 2 shoes in a large polybag roaming free 😲, that will never happen from us!) Shipping is same day whenever possible. I will let you know if there is a delay and send a PM when your package is at the PO. ***Heavy to ship items/shoes - - when bundled will be discounted when carted to consider shipping. **Shipping is always included in pricing** Our home is smoke free with one scaredy-cat! Once clothes become ours 🥰 we do not use cleaners with strong perfume scents. We line dry our designer outfits from brand new and once they become ours. Our detergent is All Free and Clear. I do my best to describe condition accurately, including fade and color and of course any defects. We are happy to answer questions, take measurements or receive reasonable offers. I cannot guarantee I will see any questions, if they are left in the comment section. 🤦🏻‍♀️ 🗣🗣Please PM me with all questions and comments ***Listings labeled ‘not included in shop discount’ when purchased with additional items will have discounts and postage modified on individual orders. Cart for pricing. ☃️


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