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🌻Hi! I’m Trish, a former Art Teacher, currently a SAHM to the 2 most beautiful “Irish Twins.” My Wiley son, JoJo who is 3 and My Sassy little Princess, GiannaRose 2. Our shop is full of different styles as well as sizes as I sell from our own closets as well as for family and friends. Come take a look and see! I started out on Kid as a buyer... searching for items that were HTF, cool and unique for my kiddos and started selling to help pay for all of the awesome stuff that was found. Let’s face it... I know that my children only get to wear stuff a handful of times, if that, before it is outgrown... so why not help each other out and recycle? Now that I am almost a year in of being an active member of the Kid community... I’ve come to see that it is so much more than a shopping/ selling platform. It is exactly that... a Community for Moms! Thank you in advance for checking out my little shop! Hopefully, you see something you like! If you do see something you like, but not the price... please do not hesitate to pm me! I’m totally open to reasonable offers. Please do keep in mind that I price my items as fair as possible taking into consideration what I paid, the condition it is in, what it will cost to ship as well as the % that Kid takes from the final sale!🌻

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