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I am a stay at home wife & mother of 5 girls and 1 boy. I love every minute being with my husband and children. We are a very active family with alot of sports, family gatherings, and vacations. 🌻 I will be adding new items weekly to try and clear out closets so check back often. 🦋I will have several different size in girls and boys. 🐾We have 2 German Shepards outside, but no pets inside. 🌹I try and ship the very next day. 🎈I will be adding several items to my collections daily, there will be items from several of my followers and I will try n keep them cleaned out so that items that are sold are not in there when I share. Be sure to check them out. 🌼 I will be cross posting items to try n clear out closets and storage space. If you see anything you like but don’t like price send me offer! 🌈 if you cart a item I will send you a offer. If you cart several items I will send you a bundle offer. Happy Shopping!


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