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Hello...hello! My name is Anna & my 8 year old daughters name is Cat! We are from Minnesota & honestly if Mother Nature doesn’t take a hormone replacement pill, we’re moving...LOL 😹 We are both Libras & boy do we like to shop, sell & even match (ok...ok so I like to match my daughter & she lets me because she’s the best!)😝 I’m an 💆🏻‍♀️Esthetician & I love to 👩🏻‍🍳cook. In our spare time we make “Mommy & Me” matching bracelet sets. Also auntie, grandma & dolly & me. We’re actually a couple of girly-girl’ tomboys who love ❤️ music🎵, snowboarding, 🛹skateboarding⛺️camping, 🌼gardening & obviously we love 😻cats!! In fact I’m always looking for cat clothes for my daughter😽 We have ben successfully selling for about 2 years now but we are brand new to Kidizen. So please 🐻 with us for this is like a foreign language. ☺️ Very excited to be here & to be surrounded by such brave, bold, beautiful ladies❤️

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