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bubber & duck: BLM Fundraiser Participant

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**My shop is part of Kidizen’s fundraiser. 10% of my profits will be benefiting Communities United Against Police Brutality** I’m Angela, a mom of 6 year old Avery and 3 year old Zach. I love dressing them in anything and everything and trying out Udifferent styles, brands, and looks. I have a huge place in my heart for vintage and love mixing it in with my modern pieces. All of our clothing is washed generally with Tide or Gain. We have one cat. We are a smoke free household. I re-use shipping materials. I try to ship daily but i don’t always now with the COVID pandemic. I cross post on multiple platforms and occasionally participate in city resales. You can visit me on Insta at @bubberandduck & @angela_michaels. You’ll often see me chiming in on topics in the Hello Kidizen FB group :) Enjoy looking through our shop, and feel free to message me with questions!


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