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🏳️‍🌈 Boy mom of 2 well dressed young Chicago dudes . Very open to trading, bundling, un-bundling, and negotiating prices. My kids have SO MANY CLOTHES. if you are looking for something specific (i.e. 3mo pants, plain white T's, overalls) please send me a message because I probably have it. I keep my prices super low and usually have a bundle sale price. I'll very rarely send an offer on only one or two items. But 3 or more and I always will. When I'm bored 😂 I like to scour shops and create out of the box collections like iconic movies from the 80's and 90's. come check them out. My clothes are adorable but my packaging is not. I reuse envelopes ♻️❤🌲and you won't find any stickers or cute notes or activity packs. Bless all you mama's who have time to do all that cute stuff ❤ We are a dog friendly smoke free home. All clothes washed most of the time in free and clear. We are blessed to be able to travel decently often so if the shop disappears into vacation mode we'll be back in no time. ✌✈

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