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Ash and Babe

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Welcome to our closet, I'm a Michigan ✋ mama to two boys and a baby on the way. All the clothes you see listed are from mine and my kids closets with some infant girl bundles from my Niece's closet as well. All items are from a smoke free/🐶 loving home. Dryer friendly on low or hung to dry. I usually state if they were strictly hung to dry in each listing. Most items ship next day with the exception of weekends when items will ship out on the following monday. Please feel free to message me with any questions or offers. I do my best to look over and spot check all my listed items when listing and again when packing to ensure they are in the best listed quality. However if you find that I missed something please bring it to my attention. I try to be as honest and accurate as possible. Thanks for stopping by!


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