One Size
all genders
🔱Weekend Warriors Closed Group🔱
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One Size
All genders
Excellent used condition
🔱Weekend Warriors Invite Only Share Group🔱 🏖End of Summer Edition🏖 •This group will be open to the INVITED shops ONLY. Please number off and ♥️this listing •This will be a Hashtag SHARE group for this weekend, Friday - Sunday 8/23-8/25 •This is a Commitment to SHARE all items that are tagged from EACH shop 🏖2x/ day for 3 days Fri.- Sun •Each shop will Tag 5 of their items •Comment “Done” when finished (🔱please tag your listings immediately after joining) •I will comment “OPEN” (please wait for the opening to assure all corrections, if any, had previously been made). •You MUST sign out with the current date as well as for the 2 rounds •This is a big group & a large commitment for 3 Days. Please ONLY join if you are committed to being an Active Member of the Group. ***** PLEASE REMEMBER TO SIGN OUT FOR BOTH ROUNDS***** 🔱Thanks in advance! Let’s go Warriors🔱 🔱 #warriors72 @3_dudes__a_lady_baby @auggies_closet @ahoy_matey @cece__co @cocobeanery @farm_girl_finds @gigiroe__jo @lisa_tate @phashlyn_fruit @princess_peas_closet @quail_co @sky_is_the_limit @smgrodorna @something_fancy @sweetea_pies @thesunnyspot @the_titan__the_lily @three_little_closets @three_kids_closets 🔱 #Warriors72
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