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Alice + Ames
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Alice + Ames
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Thrilled you amazing ladies helped me reach 80 sales! 🎉🎉🎉 Now it’s time for a BIGGER & BETTER giveaway for my next milestone which is 20 sales away! FIVE 🖐🏻 5 winners!!! Prizes: 1st: NWOT Alice + Ames Tigerlily☀️sun suit size 4t Gift it, wear it, sell it! It is my gift to you to do as you wish for helping me reach this goal! 2nd: $10 kidizen bucks 3rd: $5 credit to my shop 4th: I’ll share 25 listings minimum daily for a week. (If you happen to have less than 25 listings, I’ll share twice daily!) 5th: I’ll create or Add your listings without current collections to mine! This is how it will work: 10 shares + this listing = 1 Entry (So if you share 30 + this listing = 3 Entries) New followers = Welcome 🙏🏼 1 Entry 5 listings in collections = 1 Entry Each purchase = 5 Entries Anyone can enter & share multiple times. Giveaway closes as soon as 100 sales are reached! Please sign in on this post, with date # of shared items, etc. This will make it easier to count entries! “2/8 shared 20 + 5 in collections” *inspired by ALL the amazing Momizens out there! #giveaway #sharegroup #mint #romper #stripes #win
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