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One Size
All genders
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Up to 30! Last one closes... This bundle covers Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday Tag 3 listings with #ssweekend20 Share daily after 5pm🌻 Sign out! I have some issues with shops that aren’t sharing or Partially sharing...I will check the sign out list so please it is ok do make ups. Sign out just with the day... no need to even write make up... if you missed Tuesday and do the make up Thursday.... just write Tuesday I will find your “delayed Tuesday” mixed with the “on time Thursday “...BUT when I check I know the shops that need to do make ups...so... I count 26 Mondays Then 28 Tuesday I know who is missing the shares...Then I just need to read later on the week the missing day...with the shops name. Confusing sorry it is super late here🤣Tomorrow after a strong coffee I will edit it😬 Don’t be mad with me please! I appreciate your participation and I love that you all come back over and over. I just need to do this in order to keep it fair for everyone. I always delete veeeery late so you have the chance to catch up!😘🌻
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