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One Size
all genders
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One Size
All genders
Excellent used condition
In the words of my son, this is easy peasy, lemon squeeze! It is a simple sharing model that never ends. You MUST use the share function on each listing to share your favorites from other shops! How it works… 🌼 Comment “in” and the shop name that is above you. For example, In @freerangekids. Then, immediately share 10 of your favorite listings from that shop and comment Done @freerangekids (the shop you are sharing items from) when finished. 🌼 Share this listing with your followers to keep it active in the feed 🌼 If you are wanting to grow your followers, make sure to follow the shops you share and those that share for you 🌼 Fav this listing and return as often as you want, keep the post active! For all those with f our share groups visit #dailyhashbumps #share #sharing #favs #love #frksharingcampaigns
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