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This follow the leader style share group is open to anyone and everyone! 🌿 Comment with “in” and the name of the person above you, i.e. “In @fernmountain”. 🌿 Immediately go share *10* of your favorite items from their shop! Seasonal items are great, but anything goes. Feel free to share more than ten items (not required!) but please share at least ten. 🌿 Revisit this post and sign out by commenting “done” and the name of the person whose items you just shared, i.e. “Done @fernmountain”. 🌿 That’s it! Be careful not to skip someone, and make sure you wait until the person above you has signed out before you sign in! Feel free to favorite this post for easy access, and share so more people can join in! Come back and share as often as you’d like — happy sharing and selling! 🌿❤️ #sharingiscaring #sharegroup #openshares
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