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One Size
all genders
Sanrio Hello Kitty’s Chocolate Messenger Bah
$18.00 | FREE shipping
One Size
All genders
Very good used condition
Hello Kitty’s friend is getting its own feature on this bag! It’s black and light blue with Chocolat print on the flap of the bag. Adjustable strap that can be worn crossed over or hung on shoulder. I used this as a diaper bag from time to time. Three little spots (see pictures). **Are you seeing this listing in the Facebook Market Place and want to see more of my listings? Search Kidizen by K&M’s Little Fun Shop in the search bar on Facebook’s Market Place. Want a deal on multiple items? Join Kidizen using my referral link - - and cart the items that you want for an offer. Feel free to message me in Kidizen when you join for the offer. Kidizen is a marketplace to buy and sell kids’ and women’s fashion.**
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