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6-12 mo
Rise And Shine Notification Post!
$45.00 | FREE shipping
6-12 mo
Excellent used condition
🍳RISE AND SHINE BUMP GROUP NOTIFICATION LISTING! #riseandshineHTBG •FAVORITE or CART this listing and when I change the price here, that will be your notification that I’ll be posting the DAILY Rise and Shine Bump Group! •I will post the daily hashtag specific to that day in the comments below! Please click on THAT HASHTAG to be taken to the bump group for THAT DAY! This listing is for NOTIFICATION ONLY and to guide you to the hashtag bump group for EACH DAY! •Comment “in 1” or whatever your number is on the DAILY BUMP GROUP POST (find that hashtag for that day in the comments here). •Hashtag your items with the hashtag for that day found in the comments here as soon as you know you’re 1-10! •Bump all items before MIDNIGHT EST! •Sign out on the DAILY POST when done!
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