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Planet Wise Wipe Pouch Camo Camouflage NEW NWT Eco
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Buy a Planet Wise Wipe Pouch with the same patent pending no-leak design! Keep your wipes moist without having them leak getting everything in your diaper bag wet. The top snaps down so even the zipper won't be a leaky problem! Choose from coordinating fabrics of the same high quality as Planet Wise Wet Bags. Even when you no longer are diapering babies, you will find many uses for this handy Wipe Pouch. It is a great toiletries/make-up bag - and no leaking in your suitcase! These handy wipe pouches are anti-microbial, too. Wipe Pouches in the Performance line are made with a canvas-like material which is coated with a non-toxic water repellent, making them water resistant. The water repellent does not wash out onto other items in the laundry and retains 95% effectiveness even after 100 washes! Dimensions: 5.5" x 9.5" Your standard wipes will fit perfectly into the Planet Wise Wipe Pouch.
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