8 Toddler
all genders
Plae “Re-Painted” Max Lily! Sz 8.
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8 Toddler
All genders
Excellent used condition
Plae “Re-Painted” Max Lily! Sz 8. OK....I’m just gonna do this! Who doesn’t love Plae’s Purple Metallics only to be so sad when they get their finish rubbed off or get badly scratched? I’ve seen kids cry over them! I’ve taken on a personal mission to save these and make them BETTER!! I’ve worked with Angelus shoe products to produce a custom-color match! Process involves heavy cleaning, striping, priming, 3-5 coats of hand painting, and two coats of Acrylic Topcoat! No wonder my grandkids call them “Grandma-Needs-A-Life-Shoe”! Have been field-tested by three grandkids and seem to be doing quite well! Certainly are better than originals! Not guaranteed to never scratch or scrape but I think they’re darned good! Like fine silk, they’re going to have some natural painting imperfections, but I have a pretty steady hand! Yes, I have more sizes that I’m working on!! Golds coming soon! VVGUC! Sz 8. (Please, please message me what you gals think of these!! Am I crazy?)
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