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One Size
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Pirateology : A Pirate Hunter’s Resource Book
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One Size
All genders
Very good used condition
EUC/VVGUC: cover and spine look like new. The letters have been untied but doesn’t affect use. Within these covers is the fascinating eighteenth-century journal of Captain William Lubber, an earnest soul who sailed the seas in search of the vicious female pirate Arabella Drummond. PIRATEOLOGY's special treasures include: - a stunning cover bearing a working compass and glittering gems - treasure map with a missing piece — for the canny reader to find - multiple flaps, maps, charts, and booklets harboring codes and clues - intricate drawings of ships' interiors - a packet of gold dust - a pocket sundial - a cache of pirate letters, pieces of eight — and a jewel as a final reward Orders ship same/next day from our pf/sf home Facebook Buyers: Kidizen has an app! Sign up with code IJS2B for $5 off your first order!
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