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One Size
all genders
Peg + Cat: The Chicken Problem HB
$12.00 | FREE shipping
One Size
All genders
Very good used condition
out-of-print hardback edition of this super cute story from the PBS show peg plus cat! fun fact: a simple addition problem cleverly helps little ones deduce the page number. VGUC for some edgewear on dust jacket & a red remainder mark, however pages are clean & binding is tight. β€œIn their very first picture book, Left-brained Peg and her right-brained pal, Cat, are enjoying a picnic on the farm with Pig. However, when someone leaves the chicken coop open and the chicks run amuck, it's up to Peg and Cat to use their math skills to help solve their poultry predicament.” please note: books are sent via media mail to help keep shipping costs down. cart 2 or more books & i will send an offer. 😊 if you would like to order additional items like clothing or toys, please message me to find out if a mixed bundle is a possibility. mahalo! #picturebook #math #counting
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