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In celebration of reaching 300 sales and because it’s the season of sharing thankfulness, I’m hosting a giveaway! Get this Childhoods nightset for just $5 shipped! Just passing through our house. A sweet mama on Facebook responded to my ISO post where I was looking to try our first Childhoods nightset and offered it to me for very cheap. I told her that I would pay it forward when we were done! Turns out this color doesn’t work for us, so I’m passing it on sooner than I thought! These retail for $50 on their site. Made in the USA! WHAT YOU GET: For $5 shipped, I’ll send you this sea spray Childhoods nightset in size 3T. Runs tts I feel. Fits my 2.5yo but is roomy. GUC for some piling and regular washwear. Hung to dry. HOW TO ENTER: 1. Pay it forward and comment to let me know what you did. It can be anything at all. Send a text to a friend you’ve been meaning to say hi to. Give someone a compliment. Pay for someone’s drink at Starbucks. Anything counts as long as it was something nice :) 2. Please pay it forward when you’re done with this nightset by gifting it to another mama or selling it for cheap. It doesn’t have to be as cheap as $5 ☺️ But I’d love to keep this going! That’s it! You can enter twice at most. Giveaway runs through December 3 at noon CST. I’ll choose a winner using a random number generator and create a listing for you to buy this for $5. 💛 Feel free to tag your friends! *giveaway not sponsored or affiliated with Kidizen. Please play fair. 👉 DO NOT PURCHASE THIS LISTING 😎
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