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One Size
Mini Rodini
all genders
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One Size
All genders
Mini Rodini
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Check all Organic listings at Smågrodorna 🐸 #shoporganicatsmagrodorna I started to buy more and more organic clothing since I joined Kidizen I learned about brands that work with organic materials and after traveling and living in Germany. I see how much other countries have been focused getting organic products. It is amazing how much offer there is in terms of brands in a children boutique for example in Germany, Netherlands or Belgium. 80% of their clothing is organic small brands or more known ones. Chains of supermarkets carrying exclusively organic products. Restaurants offering organic or bio as they call them. They got very concerned about it and now they carefully select their options and the market offers organic products in more competitive prices. Some brand are: Mini Rodini, Småfolk, Alana, Pigeon, Loud + Proud, Hust & Claire, Name it.
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