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One Size
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Need some shares? Don’t have time to sign up for an ongoing set share group? This is your answer! This is an on-going open share list, join in at anytime! Please make sure you are sharing and not commenting like we use to for Bumps as this is no longer effective. Here is how it works: 1. Comment “start sharing” and tag the shop name you will be sharing. This should be the shop directly above your comment that has posted “start sharing”. Look carefully as the comment above could be a “done sharing” comment, you want “start sharing”. 2. Immediately share 10 listings from that shop. Try to share from the bottom of their listings please. 3. Go back and sign out by putting “done sharing” and tag the shop so we know who has been shared. 4. The next shop that comes along will return the favor and share your shop. Come back and add your shop and share as much as you would like! You can easily save this post by carting it or favoring it or adding it to a collection. ❤️ If there are any questions please contact me via message, the questions will get lost in the comments.
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