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9 Toddler
all genders
Nike Purple & Black Shoes 9c
$8.25 | FREE shipping
9 Toddler
All genders
Play condition
If you have a kid that drags their toes, then these are not a good buy for you. They are fully functional/stable as is (no actual holes) and by outer cosmetic appearance seem good-to-very-good condition, but these would be truly damaged by another toe dragger. The black fabric toes have moderate scuffs. Just scuffs on the outer surface and not horribly noticeable since it's black. At the toe, Where the purple sole meets the black, the sole wear is down to the stitches. There's still a layer over the stitches, you can't actually feel the stitches. On the underside, the soles have been dragged at the toes (at tips of toes, not on the foot pad area) and the black base of the shoe shows through. It's a hard glue feel, not soft fabric you can touch. My guess is that there are still a few layers of shoe bottom to go through before an actual hole. See all pics of flaws. these would be great play shoes. Tons of life left for a non toe dragger. Pet free smoke free home.
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