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NEW Little Fishkopp Organic Sleeping Swaddle Bag
$28.00 | FREE shipping
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NEW!! Retails for $69. This is heavy to ship and the perfect weight for a blanket!! This German brand is amazing and needs to be more known!! Made with organic materials. See all pics. Tiny hole at the bottom from a tag I yanked off when pulling out of bin. 🙈 Should close up with a wash but didn’t want to do it myself as it’s new. Check out their website for more awesome info. Why Use a Baby Sleep Bag? Here’s why baby sleep bags are gaining popularity among parents: Safer and sounder sleep. Baby sleep bags are a modern solution to the problem posed by loose blankets that can cover a baby’s face and interfere with breathing. Sleep bags can make an important contribution to reducing the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Warmth and comfort all night. Because a sleep bag can’t be kicked off, your little one stays warm and snug all night. Avoid overheating. Sleeveless and roomy design allows baby to move freely and air to circulate. Great bedtime routine. Just zip up the sleep bag, and your baby knows it’s time to sleep —anywhere, anytime. Taming adventurous toddlers. Wearing a sleep bag helps keep a little one from climbing out of the crib or getting feet stuck between the crib bars.
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