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One Size
all genders
MLB Yankees Pig Plush
$14.00 | FREE shipping
One Size
All genders
Excellent used condition
This piggy will oink it’s way into any Yankee fan’s heart with its plushiness and cuteness! Bought at Yankees Stadium. Any time anyone in the family goes the stadium, they buy a plush for my kids. Needless to say our collection is bigger than my kids know what to do with. This one sat in a basket basically untouched. **Are you seeing this listing in the Facebook Market Place and want to see more of my listings? Search Kidizen by K&M’s Little Fun Shop in the search bar on Facebook’s Market Place. Want a deal on multiple items? Join Kidizen using my referral link - - and cart the items that you want for an offer. Feel free to message me in Kidizen when you join for the offer. Kidizen is a marketplace to buy and sell kids’ and women’s fashion.**
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