11 Toddler
all genders
Merrell Snow Crush Boys Waterproof Boots *NO BOX*
$48.00 | FREE shipping
11 Toddler
All genders
Excellent used condition
These are labeled as boys boots, but we purchased these new last year for my daughter to wear to kindergarten this year. Unfortunately she had a big growth spurt and they are too small. I squeezed her feet into them for one day and her teacher told her to tell me they were to tight for her to get on by herself. 😕 So...they are essentially new, aside from one day of recess at school. I would say they do seem to run a bit small and narrow. They will not be shipped with the box. If you want the box, please contact me and we can adjust the price to account for additional shipping. #merrell #merrellsnowcrush #merrellsnowcrushboys #merrellboots #unisex #genderneutral #blackandgrayboots #blackandgray #waterproofboots #cozy #warm #snowday #snowplay #winter
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