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One Size
all genders
Lug Backpack/Diaper Bag
$60.00 | FREE shipping
One Size
All genders
Very good used condition
the 3-in-1 Lug Via Tote RFID Backpack – Designed for versatility, the Lug Via can be used as a travel bag, a tote bag, or a backpack. The Most Versatile of Lug Bags – The adjustable straps are also removable, so you can completely transform between styles. Hold it over your shoulder tote-style or untuck the back straps to turn it into a backpack! The Ideal Overnight Backpack – This Lug backpack has a snap-closure front pocket with two clear slots for credit cards, an insulated back zipper compartment, two soft-lined accessories pockets, a slide cargo water bottle holder, and a removable key fob. Stylish Camouflage Lug Tote Bag – The sleek nylon design makes it a sought-after fashion accessory also. Like new! #hhakids
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