12-18 mo
Livie & Luca
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Lot Of 5 Livie And Luca 12-18 Months Shoes
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12-18 mo
Livie & Luca
Good used condition
Lot of 5 pairs of livie and Luca shoes- I don’t have the time to list all of these individually!! Some are great condition other are play so to err on safe side I’ll just go with “good”. I’ll list conditions separately but have tried to take pics of scuffs, scrapes etc. Birds are definitely play condition- these are more of a light gold champagne color Bunnies are the best condition and more of a copper color. Brown Mocs were really only worn twice but it must’ve been rainy or something bc the bottoms are yuck and look like wet spots on the front toe area. Silver ones have a tad bit of scrapes at toe but overall good condition Rose gold are in very good condition also. These all retail for $45-50ish each brand new. Please ask questions and I’ll answer as truthfully as possible! Have a lovely day!
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