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Kids Fly Too Mustache dress by KPea
$30.00 | FREE shipping
Very good used condition
This is a fun and unique dress with great fabrics! These dresses are no longer being created so now is your chance to get in on a special find! Listing in VGUC for light wash and ware, there is some pilling on the shirt part of the dress. The dress has been washed in cold water and dried flat. The top of the dress is made from a stretch knit and the skirt is cotton (I believe). The dress features ruffled sleeve caps and a tie back belt. This dress was made in the US by KPea. They have a great policy of mending items at no cost for the life of the dress so if you find that the dress needs mending they are a great help! I am listing another dress with a camera theme in the same size so be sure to swing by my shop to check it out. 001
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